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What you need to know before adopting one of our cats or kittens

Age of kittens

Our kittens are ready to go at the age of 4 months; this ensures an emotionally balanced cat, who had a time to develop a quality relationship with its mother, siblings, and with us, humans caring for him and providing him with its basic education.


If Chatterie Sous le Saule chooses not to sterilize her kittens before they leave the cattery, it is because she does everything she can to maximize the health of her kittens' bones and their growth. Kittens of these breeds rarely reach the required weight, 1.5k, at 16 weeks. In fact, it is with the very specific aim of minimizing the problems related to bone health that she made this choice (sterilization from 6 to 8 months, according to the opinion of the veterinarians of the cattery Dr Sébastien Kfoury of the Veterinary Center Rive-Sud, by Dre Christiane Bédard ambulatory veterinarian and Dre Angelika Stoke from the DMV Veterinary Center and specialist in Theriogenology from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Montreal (conference given on October 6, 2018).


You are welcome to visit your future kitten at the cattery. Of course, after you reserve a kitten, we will keep you informed of its growth and development, sending you news and photos by email.


Our kittens cost between $1600 and         $ 1900, no taxes, depending on the breed and characteristics. This price is quite low considering all that is included and that your cat is more than a cat; an extraordinary life companion.

How to begin

Contact us to discuss your preferences. We will then invite you to visit us to meet our breeders and discover our different breed options. Sometimes we have kittens available for immediate or imminent adoption. But often, especially for the more exclusive breeds, you will have to reserve a kitten from a future litter. A deposit of     $ 300 confirms your reservation.

For his health

Health book 
First visit to the veterinary if it is mine
Optimal Selection or Orivet genetic test results ( if you want)

For his happiness

A starter pack containing Royal Canin, Farmina food, toys, scratcher and blanket
Recommendation guide

His papers

“Canadian Cat Association” registration
Registration certificate
Pedigrees copies including 3 generations ( (If you want)
ID Identrac micro-chip

For your peace of mind

Pet Secure secure insurance for 6 weeks 
14 day warranty on any diseases originating from the cattery
2 year warranty on major health problems due to genetic issues

Can I visit my kitten before the adoption date?

Of course, you are always welcome to come visit him by appointment. On top of that, we will communicate with you regularly to let you know of his progress and send you photos.

Why are your cats are so expensive?

Our prices are the same as for all breed cats professionally bred by certified and competent breeders. Did you know that a kitten costs the breeder over $ 800 in maintenance, veterinary, food and other costs. And that's without counting the work and the devotion of the breeder.

Do I have to pay taxes?

No, there are no taxes to pay. Everything is included in the kitten's fees.

Are your cats sociable with other cats, dogs and children?

Our cats are among the most sociable cats we can find, a little because of their genetic predisposition, but a lot because of the attention and love we give them from conception. They are also used to dogs, since we have them on the spot.

How to choose between a Siamese or a Balinese?

You will not have to choose; you will fall in love with the little one who will adopt you. The Balinese has longer hair, apart from that the two breeds are very similar; perennial, intelligent, curious, affectionate.

Do you sell adults too?

Yes, we sometimes have available retired breeders. We wish to offer them a beautiful life of rest in a welcoming family. Contact us for more information. Retirees came with the same conditions as kittens.


Reserve right now your future kitten

Your loved one is not born yet? Contact us to learn about our expected litters and reserve your kitten.

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Sous le Saule Cattery

Home based breeder of Balinese, Foreign White, Siamese & Oriental cats.

We are located in Saint-Constant, a small community 15mn drive south of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


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